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Panel Fabrication


Phasor is exclusively in the business of substations. We’ve built a team of experts who are specialized in this industry, giving our customers the best possible quality and leadership in panel fabrication. Having all aspects required from design to build in house, we can control the process with great accuracy to the project scope, keeping costs and timelines on track.

Full Service Panel Shop

Phasor Engineering independently procures components as required to fabricate a custom solution to meet any client’s unique requirements. Phasor’s expertise for protection and control panels includes modular rack front panels, solid front panels, rack panels, medium and high voltage junction.

Our assembly and wiring technicians complete every step with the pride and craftsmanship our customers have come to expect. All components, assemblies, and systems are then given a complete functional test to ensure they perform as an integrated whole and are in full compliance with our customer’s specifications.


Quality Control and Installation

All our panels are built in our controlled shop based on the design specifications, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy. These panels are either installed on site or installed and pre­wired right into the control building in a pre­fabrication process before the building is transported to the substation site. Our expert staff will mount, wire and provide quality control and assurance throughout the fabrication and assembly process.


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