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Phasor established itself in 2004 as a leading specialist in high voltage substation solutions, providing expert design, engineering, fabrication and commissioning services to the power industry.

As we’ve grown and expanded our services across North America, we’ve continued to excel at substation design and automation. With an expanded team and production capacity, Phasor can bring value to the client to build substations on budget and on time using the best technology and resources available.

We approach each project uniquely, making recommendations and conceptual designs based on the project requirements and customer preference. This has made Phasor proficient in all major technology brands, letting us work with the widest range of customers and project demands. All of our fabrication and design work is done in house, giving us the greatest control over product quality and project timelines. We make the impossible happen.

Testing and Commissioning

To ensure the quality and accuracy of installed systems, Phasor provides testing and commissioning services to prepare substations for energization. Phasors commissioning teams are equipped with the latest advanced test sets and supported by our engineering team.


  • Site planning and grading – Facility and Process Road Design, Earthworks
  • Foundation/pile layout and details – Cast in place piles, Driven Steel (H,Pipe), Screw Piles, Spread Footings and Pile Caps, Road Crossings
  • BUS and substation layout with elevations
  • AC station service and DC supply studies
  • Substation grounding and mitigation, insulation coordination, lightning studies are some examples of engineering performed by our in­ house specialists.


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Engineering and Design Services

Phasor has experience with outdoor/indoor substation design (4.16kV to 500kV), providing engineering and design from conceptualization to completion. We provide full engineering for EPC and turn-key power projects such as:

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering & Design
  • All Power System Studies required for the Substation Engineering
  • Detailed Technical specifications for equipment and materials
  • Vendor RFPs and Tender Evaluation
  • Equipment Inspection and Acceptance
  • Procurement Plans and Construction Management


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Substation Automation and Panel Fabrication

All design and fabrication projects are done in house by our team of specialists. Phasor has no technology preference, working with the requirements of the project and customer. The highest level of quality is guaranteed by our integrated process involving engineering, fabrication, and acceptance testing.


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IEC 61850

Phasor has proven experience in all stages of turnkey 61850 projects from planning, configuration, and communication engineering through to FAT and final commissioning. Our IEC 61850 experience includes GOOSE messaging for protection functions, MMS messages to the SCADA system, and network design including PRP. As the most modern standard for automation technology, Phasor has already been incorporating 61850 into projects and designs, and follows all the latest developments in IEC 61850 adoption.

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