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We’ve built a reputation as leaders in the substation design and automation industry which is attracting the attention of top talent in our field.

This has grown Phasor from a handful of experts to dozens of highly trained and skilled technicians, engineers, electricians and design specialists. We’re always adding new high-performers to our team, individuals who want challenging work that requires precision and imagination.

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Technology Leaders

Phasor is at the cutting edge of electrical engineering, automation and systems design. At our company is where you’ll experience the newest industry technologies and progressive standards while working with the biggest companies in energy and utilities. This type of work is always changing and presenting new challenges, a dynamic workplace that will keep you interested, challenged, and growing.

Safety and Training

Our industry operates around high voltages and large scale industrial developments, therefore we prioritize the safety of employees in every way. Training is provided and proactive development is our focus, building stronger and more competent employees that work safe and efficiently.

What We’re Looking For

As a leader in a specialized field, we’re constantly looking the best performers in substation design and automation, including field services. We know that individuals with exceptional skills, hard work ethic and creativity is what it takes. There is no job we can’t handle, and that’s because our team is ready to pioneer new approaches. We need people excited to take on big challenges and work next to the largest operations in North America.

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