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To establish long term client relationships by contributing to their business and technical objectives with engineering and project execution excellence.


The Phasor Difference


Phasor offers the most complete and professional substation design and high voltage engineering. We’ve positioned ourselves as the technological leader in substation engineering plus complete in house fabrication of panels and dedicated teams for installation and commissioning. Our full service approach enables us to manage complete projects or provide specific studies and services based on the needs of the project.

Our customers are the largest and most demanding companies in oil and gas, utilities and government. Phasor has built an impressive team of specialists and high tech equipment, giving us the capacity for both large and small scale projects of varying complexity. The capacity and experience we contain enables us to deliver the best bus design, P&C design, SCADA, and project studies.


We take great pride in our quality and accuracy of substation design and engineering. Phasor provides the best industry studies, leading to highly efficient and effective systems. By incorporating the best of vendor technologies and supporting the IEC 61850 standards into our approach, Phasor has the most diverse expertise in power and communication technologies.

Testing and Safety

Our process of developing high voltage solutions demands the highest commitment to quality and safety. Phasor is a top company for providing engineering studies for optimal design, grounding and systems recommendations. The protection and control panels we fabricate and install go through rigorous testing including factory acceptance testing (FAT) and we have dedicated teams for equipment testing and commissioning on site. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and substations that distribute high voltage power in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

Phasor, a part of the Valard Group of Companies and Quanta Services

Our association with Valard Construction and our sister companies through Quanta elevates our capabilities to a full turnkey services provider for substation design, construction and maintenance. All aspects from project conception onward are handled by one cohesive body of expert companies manned with industry specialists equipped with the best equipment. This powerhouse of manpower, equipment and financial backing gives us the largest capacity for substation, transmission and distribution projects in Canada.

With more than 14,000 employees and approximately 19,000 pieces of specialized equipment, Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR) has offices throughout the United States and Canada. An S&P 500 Quanta Services delivers infrastructure solutions for the electric power, natural gas and pipeline and telecommunication industries, and provides a full suite of services that complement Phasor. We’ve joined this unbeatable group in 2012, creating one of the largest utility contractors in the world, offering top specialists in each area and an unsurpassed fleet of equipment.  Following a rigorous standard for quality and safety, the Quanta group is the leading provider of utilities services across Canada and the United States.



  • 2015 Fortune 500 company
  • Largest Electrical Power/Transmission & Distribution contractor in North America
  • On 2014 list of Forbes Most Trustworthy Large Cap companies
  • Quanta holds 150 patents for proprietary technology
  • Largest trained workforce in North America in electrical, natural gas and pipeline and telecommunication industries
  • Largest fleet of specialized utility equipment available
  • Unsurpassed level of financial and bonding capacity
  • Ability to draw on strengths, skills and resources of more than 40 Quanta Services entities as one integrated team
  • Capacity to successfully complete projects that are local, regional, national or even international in scope
  • Provider of financial support to EPC+ and construction clients for new capital projects through Quanta Capital Solutions


  • Harvir Mann, President
  • Ed Ng, VP Business Development

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